We provide customized ERP solution for different industries. Currently our ERP solution caters to Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors.

AgriSmart ERP

The ERP for agricultural equipments was customized to serve as a One Single Platform integrating Farmers, Dealers/Distributors and the Government. The key benefits of this product are.

  • Software can track and manage subsidy amounts from Farmers to Dealers.
  • Dealers/Distributors can maintain their inventory, manage their relationships with farmers and can do the billing online.
  • Farmers get hassle free service and their records can be quickly retrieved anytime in the future.
Manufacturing ERP

The ERP for Manufacturing industry covers Production Planning, Production Scheduling, Inventory Management, Purchase Order Management, Sales Order Management and Billing System.

Warehouse Management System

Metamor’s Cloud based WMS is customized to cater to the needs of E-Commerce industry, Industries having their own warehouses, 3PL warehouses and Cold Storage Warehouses. The key benefits are.

  • It enables the real-time capture of inventory movements.
  • A centralized warehouse concept for senior management to get any information across warehouses
  • Shipment and Receipt reconciliation between two warehouses or between a warehouse and a customer.
  • Inventory traceability using bar-code scanners and collaboration features.
  • Higher employee productivity due to automation.
  • All Business reports that can be accessed anytime, any where, any device.

Customer Relationship Management

Metamor’s Cloud based CRM, enables businesses NOT to miss follow-up with their existing customers/new sales leads on the said date, track and enhance customer engagement, analyze sales by salesperson/territories/industries/products. It helps businesses to understand their SWOT and make the necessary changes to meet their targets.

Visa Tracking System

Passport Tracking Software provides seamless interaction and relationship management between customers, agents, sub-dealers and dealers.

Key Feature
  • Product facilitates the automation of passport management and tracking.
  • Supports multiple offices/branches.
  • Supports multiple agents.
  • Data security: Passport managed and tracked by barcode and this makes seamless delivery of passport to correct address

Data Integration & Migration

We have rich expertise in Data Integration & Migration solutions of any sort. We do it through our sister company Inteedata. Please refer for more information.